Required items for a legitimate game of hammerschlagen.

  • One Stump at least 24 inches in diameter
  • One 12 penny nail per contestant
  • One Bricklayer hammer

Hammerschlagen is a game of skill. Men are required to use the thin edge of the bricklayer hammer to strike the head of the nail until it is buried below the surface of the stump. Each contestant must hit their own nail.

A woman may use the large square side of the hammer to strike the nail but may not win the dollars in the game if this side is used.

  1. Each contestant places one dollar in the center of the log – winner will get the dollars
  2. Contestants will have their nail started by the host of the game
  3. Each contestant gets one strike at the nail using the thin side of the hammer each contestant takes one swing and then passes the hammer to the next person.
  4. If a contestant throws the hammer on the floor or takes an extra swing he/she must place another dollar in the center of the log.
  5. A winner is named after the winning contestant’s nail is below the surface of the wood – at least one other contestant must verify that the nail is below the surface.
  6. After the winner is verified the game continues until all nails are down. The last contestant with a nail above the surface must by all the contestants in the game a shot.
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